Dhammas Relative to Arising Phenomena

Dhammas Relative to Arising Phenomena

Compiled and Edited

By Anagarika Tevijjo


Most modern-day philosophers and scientists would be reluctant to accept that the
Buddha and his followers (both in the Buddhist era and in later commentaries) had
explained and clarified the causal dependent arising of all conditioned phenomena, for
the simple reason that the cause and effect explanations and relations outlined in the
Abhidhamma wholly transcend the logical and rational limits of the methodology of
modern science.

More specifically, the epistemological problem lies in the fact that modern science
lacks the capacity to isolate, analyse and confirm that mental phenomena are mere
accumulations of instantaneously, concomitantly arising and disappearing, of
unperceived, infinitesimally-minute, indivisible dhammas or energy-units, as flowing
moments (occasions) of radiations (vibrations) coming together, which cannot be
conceived of as actually ëexisting,í in the sense of enduring reality, in any way, other
than as rapidly-flowing, continually-changing, inter-dependently passing continuum,
occuring in accordance with the totality of factors effecting the four basic elements,
due to conditional relations, proximate to arising perceptions of phenomena of the
senses and leading to emerging ëaccumulationsí of impermanent body and mind
formations in the passing flow of human consciousness.*

*[If this above thesis statement sounds somewhat too compound/complex, with rather too much
subordination and far too many inter-relations and interconnections for immediate comprehension, just
continue-on speeed-reading and then come back to this thesis later. Once you have read further and
accumulated a more firm, concentrated, coherent and unified overview of the Abhidhamma system of
analysis, the above sentence may make more coherent sense.]

Furthermore contemporary methodology, , lacks the capacity (especially, in so-called
depth-psychology) to know if there is any discoverable process or empirically-known
pattern of inter-related motivational or underlying intentional (volitional) forces
causing natural confluences of such energy units, (physically and mentally), to flow in
one way rather than another, thereby, resulting in beneficial or unbeneficial, harmless
or harmful results and effects.

There are two schools of thought representing the two opposing points of view in the
matter of appearing phenomena, which are:

On the one hand,
• The hypothetical laws of corporeal materialists and determinists, and
On the the other hand,
• The theory that there are imperceptible energy forces acting within the
universe which perpetually cause things to move out of and then and then back
into level balance.

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