Dhamma list

The Four Noble Truths
1. Dukkha exists – unsatisfactoriness, suffering, discontent, stress (to be Investigated)
2. The cause or origin of dukkha is craving (tanha-lit. thirst) or clinging (to be Abandoned)
3. Dukkha ceases with the relinquishment of that craving (to be Realized)
4. The path leading to the cessation of dukkha is the Noble Eightfold Path (to be Developed)

The Eightfold Path (ariya-magga)

Wisdom/Discernment (pañña)
1. Wise or Right View/Understanding (samma-ditthi) – Knowledge of the Four Noble Truths
2. Wise or Right Intention/Resolve (sammá-sankappa) – Renunciation, Loving-kindness,

Virtue (sila)
3. Wise or Right Speech (sammá-vácá) – abstaining from lying, malicious or divisive speech,
abusive or harsh speech, and idle chatter
4. Wise or Right Action (sammá-kammanta) – abstaining from killing, stealing and sexual
5. Wise or Right Livelihood (sammá-ájíva) – abstaining from dishonest and harmful means of

Concentration/Meditation (samadhi)
6. Wise or Right Effort (samma-vayama) – the effort of avoiding and overcoming unskillful
qualities, and of developing and maintaining skillful qualities
7. Wise or Right Mindfulness (samma-sati) – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
8. Wise or Right Concentration (samma-samadhi) – The Four Form Jhanas

Three Characteristics of Existence (of Conditioned Phenomena)
1. Impermanence (anicca)
2. Unsatisfactoriness (dukkha)
3. Not-self (anatta) – empty of inherent existence; not “me”, “myself”, nor “what I am”

Three Pillars of Dhamma (dharma) or Grounds for Making Merit
1. Generosity (dana)
2. Moral restraint (sila)
3. Meditation (bhavana) – consists of Concentration (samadhi) and Mindfulness (sati)


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